Knowing about the Penalties for DUI in Wisconsin

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What is identified as DUI (driving under the influence) in different states, in Wisconsin, OWI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated) is the term used widely by the law enforcement for drinking and driving. Unlike other states, the charges against DUI in Wisconsin is really serious ones. Reports say that in 2003, blood alcohol content (BAC) dropped down to the level of 0.08%, as tougher more unyielding laws were exercised by the Wisconsin law enforcement, so drinking and driving turned out practically impossible in Wisconsin. When you are charged against OWI, you need to hire the services of a good and efficient OWI attorney. It hardly matters what you believe yourself of, guilty or innocent, charges of DUI in Wisconsin is counted under serious offence. Hence you need to hire the services of a qualified attorney or else, you may have to experience jail together with other penalties. If you are wondering what are the penalties for DUI in Wisconsin, well, lets find out.

Penalties for DUI in Wisconsin

While referring to penalties, the penalties for first offense is, fines $150 to $300, license suspension for 6 to 9 months, OWI surcharge: $365, there will be no IID Required, even though you will be getting occupational license.

The penalties for second offence is jail for 5 days to 6 months, fines will be $300 to $1,100, License Suspension will be 12 to 18 months and you will be requiring IID, driver improvement surcharge of $355 you have to pay along with fine.

If you are arrested 3rd time for drinking and driving, your license will be suspended for 2 to 3 years, you need to experience jail for 30 days to 1 year, you have to pay the fines like $600 to $2,000, you may have to pay the surcharge amounting $355 along with the cautioned fine.

You need to pay the surcharge when the driver is under 16 years. For the first offence, you may not be subjected to IID or Ignition Interlock Device. But for rest of the offences, you would be subjected to Ignition Interlock Device.

Reaching the legal limit

If you are wondering how many drinks you are allowed to consume before driving as you don’t want to be legally impaired, well, based upon sex, body profile, existing fat percentage BAC score is calculated. So its clear that, BAC score is not similar for all. However there are charts which one can go through, still these tools and variables hardly matter when it comes to blood alcohol concentration level testing.


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